Happy Community Banking Month

Did you know that the idea of a “community bank” didn’t begin until the mid-1800s, making banking more local? In 1907 Abbeville First Bank was organized under the name of Building and Loan Association of Abbeville. The principal objective of the association was to encourage the common person to save money monthly for the primary purpose of building or buying a home.

For generations, community banks across the U.S. have been the foundation for a thriving economy by catering to the unique needs of their communities and paving a path to financial prosperity for their account holders. These banks are an integral part of their communities. because they reinvest local dollars back into their neighborhoods and help create local jobs. Their banking philosophy revolves around relationships and is ingrained in the way they conduct business, one customer at a time. Local reinvestments helps small businesses grow and helps families finance major purchases and build financial security.

Happy Community Banking Month from the entire family at Abbeville First Bank and a special “thank you” to our community bank customers for allowing us to serve you!