Shop Local This Holiday Season (& all year!)

The holiday season is fast approaching, and many people are beginning to think about their gift-giving plans. While it may be tempting to shop online or at big box stores, there are many benefits to shopping locally.

Shopping locally not only supports small businesses, but it also builds a sense of community. Local businesses are often owned and operated by people who live in your area, and shopping at these businesses helps to create a stronger local economy. Did you know when you shop or dine local, $48 out of every $100 is returned to the local economy, boosting job growth, charitable giving and civic engagement (compared to just $14 out of every $100 spent at national chains)?*

At Abbeville First Bank, we proudly support our community’s economic engines—small businesses—and encourage consumers to reinvest in the businesses that support and help our community prosper. So, this holiday season, consider shopping locally for your gift-giving needs. 


* American Independent Business Alliance, The Local Multiplier Effect How Independent Local Businesses help your community thrive