Spend less time worrying about your banking.

You can count on us to keep your money management simple so you can worry less about banking. We offer these additional services to make things easy on you.

Switch Kit

This tool helps you gather everything you need to open your new accounts. It’s simple! Download this Switch Kit, complete it, then make your appointment. Our staff will have you set up quickly.

Click here to download our Switch Kit.

Overdraft Protection

Protect yourself from embarrassing overdrafts. Or, simply give yourself a loan.

Account Link

Provide your own overdraft protection by linking your checking account to a savings account or another checking account.

Online Banking

Check balances, transfer funds, set up alerts such as low balance alert or when a particular check clears. You can print statements or copies of checks as well.

Bill Pay

Pay any company or individual, set up for reoccurring payments, get notices when bills are due and more.

Reorder Checks

Running low on checks? Now you can order them online and have them shipped directly to your home!

Click here to order your checks.

Mobile Banking App

Access your accounts on your Android or Apple phone and tablet from anywhere.